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Alaska MCLE

Top Alaska MCLE Questions


How many MCLE hours are required?

Three MECLE credit hours every year. Each member is also encouraged to complete at least 9 VCLE hours.

How many MCLE hours can I take through Attorney Credits?

All 12 credit hours. To see a list of MCLE courses offered in Alaska.

How do Attorney Credits' MCLE courses qualify for credit in Alaska?

MCLE programs that take place outside of Alaska are not required to be accredited by the Alaska Bar Association. Alaska Bar members may claim credit for attendance at MCLE programs offered in or from other jurisdictions if the program has been accredited by another MCLE jurisdiction. Since Attorney Credits' MCLE courses have been approved by over 45 states, Alaska attorneys may claim MCLE credit for our courses.

What are my MCLE compliance and reporting requirements?

Reporting Cycle: Annual
Compliance Deadline: December 31
Reporting Deadline: February 1

Can I carry hours forward to the next year?

Yes, 12 credit hours (3 MECLE credits and 9 VCLE credits) may be carried over to the next compliance period. To be carried forward, the credits must have been earned during the calendar year preceding the current reporting period.

Does Attorney Credits verify my completion?

No. Alaska attorneys monitor their own progress and verify their own completion once the course has been completed.

Does Attorney Credits report my MCLE hours to the Alaska Bar Association?

No. Attorney Credits does not report your completed courses to the Alaska Bar Association. Alaska attorneys are required to self-report their hours. We do maintain a record of all your completed courses and you can access your certificates of completion at anytime from our website.

How do I report the completion of my MCLE requirement at the end of my compliance period?

Alaska bar members must report MCLE hours by February 1 on a form provided by the Alaska Bar Association. This form must be returned to the Alaska Bar Association in order for the member to be eligible for any Bar dues discount. Bar members must certify compliance with the required MECLE hours and whether they have met the recommended VCLE hours.

Who do I contact for more information?

For more information about MCLE in Alaska, please call the Alaska Bar Association at (907) 272-7469 or visit the Alaska State Bar website: https://alaskabar.org/member-services/member-login.

You may also contact Attorney Credits by phone. For further assistance and information about the Alaska MCLE requirement, please call our Support Center at (760) 434-1885.

Alaska CLE Requirements

State Requirements

Total MCLE Credits Required: 12
Total Online Credits Allowed: 12

Specialty Requirements

Legal Ethics - Minimum Credit Hours Per Cycle: 3

Compliance Requirements

Reporting Cycle: 1 year
Compliance Deadline: December 31
Reporting Deadline: February 1


Alaska State Bar MCLE Info

Using AttorneyCredits.com, you can conveniently complete your Alaska CLE courses at any time of the day or night to fulfill your AK CLE (Continuing Legal Education) requirement. Attorney Credits offers both MECLE credits (Mandatory Ethics Continuing Legal Education) and VCLE credits (Voluntary Continuing Legal Education). MECLE credits are referred to as ethics credits and these CLE courses must contribute directly to an Alaska attorney's professional competence or skills, or to their education about ethical or professional obligations. VCLE credits are referred to as general credits and the Alaska State Bar uses certain incentives to encourage Alaska lawyers to participate in VCLE. Attorneys may use AttorneyCredits.com to complete all 12 Alaska CLE requirement units. Get all the information you need to complete your CLE on our Alaska CLE requirements page.

According to Alaska Bar Rules 65 & 66, attorneys must complete at least 3 hours of Mandatory Ethics CLE (MECLE) and are encouraged to engage in at least 9 hours of Voluntary CLE (VCLE) each annual CLE compliance period. December 31 is the deadline for earning Alaska CLE credits and February 1 is the deadline for filing Alaska CLE Reports. Only Alaska attorneys that complete at least 3 hours of MECLE and at least 9 hours of approved VCLE (and comply with the mandatory CLE reporting requirement) may participate in the Alaska Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service. If an Alaska attorney does not comply with the Alaska Bar Association CLE Rules by completing at least 3 hours of Alaska MECLE and at least nine 9 hours of approved Alaska VCLE, the non-completion of CLE may be utilized in any Alaska Bar disciplinary matter relating to the requirements of Alaska Rule of Professional Conduct 1.1 concerning an Alaska attorney’s competence to practice law. Attorneys may complete all 12 CLE units through online CLE courses to meet the Alaska CLE requirement.