System Requirements

Attorney Credits spends a great deal of time and effort making sure that practically whatever type of computer system you have, be it desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone, that we have a solution that will work for you. We offer our courses as: streaming video, streaming audio, MP3 download, video download, CD bundles, MP3 player bundles and USB stick bundles. We try and test on as many systems as possible, but it isn't possible for us to test on all older operating systems and each and every new tablet or smart phone that comes to market. Below is a guideline that should help you determine if your system will work on our site.

General System Requirements

Our site works on all desktop and laptop computers without any need for additional software. We recommend that you have the latest Operating System and Browser version if possible. Our site will run on Windows, Apple and Linux based systems, though we do not provide support for Linux users.

Windows Computers

  • Our site has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
  • Our site has been tested on Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.
  • The minimum version for Chrome is 32 and Firefox is 26.

Apple Computers

  • Our site works on OS X 10.4 and above.
  • Our site has been tested on Safari 7.0 and above. Please make sure you are using the latest Safari version possible for your OS. If you are unable to update to Safari 7, please update to the latest version of Chrome or Firefox for Mac.
  • The minimum version for Chrome is 32 and Firefox is 26.

Mobile Devices

Android operating system devices will not currently stream our courses, but you can download them using the MP3 and Video Download options.

  • iPad users should also be aware that Apple doesn't let you download files directly to your tablet. To get downloaded courses on your iPad:
    • 1. Download the MP3 or video download files to your computer
      2. Open iTunes and move the files to a play list
      3. Sync your iPad

Streaming Video

Our streaming courses are streamed using Flash. Adobe Flash Player can be played on any modern desktop or laptop computer including Windows, Apple, and Linux based systems. Flash Player has over 98% penetration on the Internet so it is more then likely that your computer can play our courses without you doing anything.

If you don't have Flash Player, for the free download, click here. Please note that for best quality you will need a Broadband Internet connection. Dial-up modem and cell phone modem connections will result in very poor quality. Watch our demo video to check your computer and Internet connection. We recommend Flash versions 9 or higher.

To see our video demo click here.

Video Download and MP3

Taking our courses as MP3's or video download are great choices for many attorneys. These are popular for people with poor Internet connections, those who travel, want to listen on their iPod, or just want to be portable. If you are using a tablet or smart phone these are your best options.

  • Our video download courses are downloaded as .MP4 files. Our video files will work on your desktop, laptop, iPhone, smart phone, iPad, or tablet. Our video files are about 110 MB per course hour. Windows users should make sure they have the latest Windows Media Player, iTunes, or Quicktime Player. Mac users should make sure they have the latest version of iTunes or Quicktime player. There are also a number of third party video players that will work.

  • MP3 files are small audio files. These files can be downloaded to your computer and synced with your: smart phone, iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP3 player, or other portable device. They will also work on desktop and laptop computers. MP3 files are recommended if you have a slow Internet connection, have limited storage space on your device, or are concerned with bandwidth caps.

CD, MP3 player and USB stick Bundles

We offer CD, MP3 player and USB stick bundles for many states. To see if we offer a CD, MP3 player or USB stick bundle in your state click here.

Our CD's play in desktop computers, laptops, portable CD players, home stereos, and car stereos. CDs are great for someone on the go or who doesn't have a broadband Internet connection. CD's are especially popular with attorneys who have long commutes because they can listen in their cars.

Our MP3 player bundles include a MP3 player loaded with MP3 courses. Listen to your CLE through the MP3 player anywhere you want, at home, in the office, in the car, or on the go. Our MP3 player bundles are perfect for the busy lawyer. Best of all, when you are done you have a great MP3 player to use.

Our USB stick bundles come with your CLE courses pre-loaded on an 8 GB USB stick. Just plug the USB stick into your system's USB slot and you can watch the course videos anywhere you want, whenever you want.